Saturday, August 29, 2015

A voice crying out in the desert

John the Baptist was one of those guys who just couldn't keep his mouth shut.
He had no "filter."  He called it as he saw it.
He even told Herod what he thought.
Eventually he was beheaded over it.

My field rep when I was president of the Backus Nurses was somewhat like John.
Now that I'm his boss it continues.

I'm sure some people wonder why I put up with it, but I look at it in a different way.
He pushes me to be better and he does it because he cares, about me and the movement.

He is a "voice crying out in the desert."

Being around people who call us out when we are wrong or not putting in the effort is uncomfortable.
But it makes us better.

I have other "voices in the desert," who speak the truth to me and push me to be better.
One of them recently told me that we are in an emotional job.
Nursing was like that too.

Nursing hurts.
Unionism hurts.
If they don't, you're doing something wrong.

When you care deeply about something, it hurts.
Caring very deeply about something is called Love, and the opposite isn't Hate, it's Apathy

I have no room for apathy.

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