Saturday, May 9, 2015

PLANs for AFT Connecticut

The PLANs ticket for AFT Connecticut is dedicated to the ideals of putting members first, open communication and collaboration, transparency, and long range strategic planning.
These principles are essential for the future of our state federation and the labor movement.

Next Saturday we will make a decision about the direction of our union.
The PLANs ticket of officers, jurisdictional, and at large vice presidents is ready to lead.
Jan brings teacher experience, John brings healthcare experience and Jean brings years of helping state workers.
They bring experience in both public and private sector unions, organizing, and relationships with AFT national and political allies.
Jan and Jean have extensive experience in leading large locals and John understands not only the challenges of leading a small local but of organizing it and building it from the ground up as well.
All three are respected advocates on the national level.
Perhaps more important, the ticket brings the voices and the ears of over 20 leaders who will each speak their own mind, each listen and be listened to and each contribute. 

There is much work to do, in organizing of healthcare facilities, in internal organizing, in staff and leadership development and in coalition building with AFT national and other unions.
There is no question as to the dedication of any of the candidates for office, but our state federation and the greater labor community needs more than commitment. It needs the skills to organize, plan and carry out that plan, and it needs transparency and openness to new ideas
The PLANs ticket provides what is needed.
We look forward to your support in the election and your involvement post-election.

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