Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Vision for Change 4

The fourth principle and goal of our team is Organization. 
The words in italics are from AFT- CT: Our Vision for Change
"Are we there yet?"
Every parent knows this phrase coming from the back of the car.

But shouldn't the real questions be where are we going and how will we get there?
For us to move forward, we need to work together to form a vision of where we are going, and develop short and long-term plans on how we will get there.
We need to analyze how we spend our money and how we can be more effective. We need to budget for needed facility and technology upgrades with a strategic plan.
We will work with the staff, AFT-National, and the Executive Committee to develop three and five-year financial and organizing plans.
An organizing drive takes an incredible amount of planning involving many people and organizations.  Yes, the plan needs to be adjusted as the situation changes, but first, we have to have a plan to adjust.
The same holds true for a financial plan or a plan to organize several sites.
We can't just "wing it."
We believe in leadership that works as hard as its members.  Effective leadership requires a presence.  Our members must feel that we are standing beside them in their struggle for respect and dignity in the workplace.
That statement summarizes why we organized at Backus. Management did not stand with us and offered no respect or dignity.
Speaking for myself, Unionism is a 24/7 endeavor because it is not a "job" to me, it is a vocation.

So, I have covered the four principles and goals of our team.
Membership First
Communication and Collaboration
Taken together, they are a vision that our team shares.  A vision that is based on the premise that we must build a union we can all be proud of.

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