Thursday, May 28, 2015

9 shifts

I cleaned up my desk today.  
I've collected a lot of paperwork in the past 4 years!

I'm closing one chapter in my life and starting another.
Soon, my most able Vice President will be my president, and I will be a member of her executive board.
I will also be her state federation Vice President. 

For this to happen, I not only must give up the presidency of the local I have devoted the last 4 years to, I must give up bedside nursing.

I am ready to do both.
It's time.
I have served with an incredible executive board and I move on to serve with an equally increadable board.
I am excited by what we will accomplish together. 

The Backus Federation of Nurses is like my child and bedside nursing has been life.  
21 years in the same emergency room is a long time and I will admit the work has never been this difficult but I do worry a bit that I will miss the patients, the give an take, the trying to find their sense of humor to ease their mind and their pain.

And I will miss those patients with whom I know my skills made a difference, the heart attracks who's EKG returned to normal because of my quick interventions, the strokes who regained movement because I administered clot busters quickly, the septic patients who reqained a blood pressure comparable with life because I gave them fluids and antibiotics stat.
When I cared for these patients, time stood still. Four hours could go by in the blink of an eye.  On days like that I was like the baseball player who saw each pitch as if in slow motion, saw each seam of the ball as it came to home plate.

I also worry about my fellow nurses, whom I have hugged and consoled when they lost a patient, especially a young one.
I know someone else will be there for the patients, and for the nurses.

But still...

I have 9 shifts left.
When I leave, I leave knowing I have an obligation to fight like hell for these nurses and all the workers we represent, in healthcare, education and the private sector. 
And because I know I will have the opportunity to do that, and an incredible group of leaders and staff to work with, am ready for the new chapter of my life to begin.

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