Friday, July 4, 2014

Precious Time

"I began to realize that advocating for my patient meant advocating at the bedside, but also in the boardroom and the state house."
That quote, or something close to it, is from my good friend, fellow nurse, and nurse organizer, Lesa Hanson.  She spoke these words during our Backus organizing drive.
This thought is what gives my AFT union brothers and sisters the courage and the drive to work day after day in what is sometimes a difficult battle.
We represent patients, students, and the public; all of whom we care about.  If we did not, we would work in another field. We are in public service in one form or another.

Having my Mom in the hospital has made me think about how precious time is, and about how I spend it.
I work long and hard for what I believe in, and others like me do the same.
Sometimes, those we care about the most pay the price for that.
It's not that we wish to take those we love for granted, it's just that we sometimes feel there must be a way to do it all, to have it all, to find the balance.

Maybe there is, I hope so.
I will continue to search for it.
But, at the same time, I must have the right priorities.

Football star Gale Sayers wrote a book entitled "I am third".
In it he says God is first, his family is second, and he is third.
Seems like a good place to start.
Many recovery programs have a step in which the member must turn his/her will over to the care of a Higher Power, praying only for the knowledge of that Higher Power's will and the courage to carry it out.

What is my Higher Power's will, how do I find it, and how do I find the courage to carry it out, especially if a part of me wants to do otherwise?
Obviously I have not answered these questions yet, but I do know how to become closer to the answer.
I cannot know my Higher Power's will without knowing my Higher Power, and just like knowing another person, I cannot know my HP without spending time with him.

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