Sunday, June 29, 2014

A nurse's gift

As I watched Robin care for my mom, I was reminded what a gift it is to be a nurse.
She spoke to mom with respect, sometimes getting a response, often not. She listened to lungs and heart, inspected skin and pulses, checked IV drip rates and lines, re-positioned mom and everything else we do day in and day out. 
She filled me in whenever there was new information, interacted with the many doctors of a teaching hospital, and chatted with me about work. 
Nothing unusual, all in a days work. 

But, something very special was taking place. 

In addition to Robin giving mom and us a gift of herself, we were giving Robin a gift. 
We were placing the care of our mom in her hands. 

Families place the care of their most precious processions, their moms, dads, children, siblings, and loved one in the hands of people whom, often, they have just recently met. 
That is amazing. 
That is the gift families give us as nurses. 

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