Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Laid off

"You look awful!"
My wife wasn't being mean, she knew I hadn't been able to fall asleep until 2:00, got up at 5:00, and had just returned home after a busy shift in the ER.
She was concerned.
"You can't take on all their pain."

But how can I not?

I have lived through too many layoffs in my own pre-nursing life.
I know the pain that comes when you are told your work no longer has dignity.
Right or wrong, a large part of our identity comes from our work.
It's more than a "job", it's  way we provide for our families and how we contribute to society.

70 Backus Hospital employees, my brothers and sisters, are feeling that pain right now.

I was informed Monday in my role as nursing union president.
None of my nurses were laid off, but many whom we work along side of were.

Our hearts go out to them, they are family, they are our brothers and sisters.
I have contacted our friends in the United Way, and they are currently looking into how they can help.

I want to personally thank those laid off for their dedication and service to the community.
You will always be family to us.

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