Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Connecticut Moment

Delivered to the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention
John Brady
Local 5149
Backus Federation of Nurses
I rise in strong support of the nomination of our friend Governor Dan Malloy.
3 years ago a small group of nurses started to meet in secrete in a borrowed hall in Norwich, afraid that we would be discovered by our own hospital. Dan Malloy came to us. He told us he supported our efforts and the right of all workers to collective bargaining.
That visit gave us courage and and led to a successful organizing campaign of 400 Registered Nurses. When the hospital refused to bargain in good faith, Governor Malloy called the CEO and pressured him. Then he came to our rally, stood on our flatbed, looked across the street at the hospital and said, Get a contract, get it done!
Last year, he, Nancy Wyman, and the entire administration stood once again with organized labor on the streets of New London, saying to the hospital, you are not L+M, We are L+M!
I believe this Governor, always a supporter of collective bargaining, has grown over the last 4 years in his appreciation of organized labor.
He has stood with us in the cold and the snow of our picket lines. 
What message do we send politicians across this nation if we do not stand with him now?
My brothers and sisters, in this day of Scott Walkers and Wisconsin Moments, in this day when even Eric Cantor is too liberal to win his primary, let us stand in solidarity and send a message to the nation; the AFL-CIO is alive and well in Connecticut.
Let us show the nation the power of organized labor working in solidarity. Let us show the nation a Connecticut Moment.
I strongly endorse the governor, the Lt Governor, and the entire administration. 

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