Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stephanie, Lisa, and Harry

This morning I watched my brother and 2 sisters, Harry, Lisa, and Stephanie, named AFT Everyday Heroes by our union, AFT.
They were recognized because they led their Locals through a 4 day strike, that was followed by an illegal 19 day illegal lockout in the dead of winter, just before Christmas. Their hospital counted on the Locals imploding under the pressure, instead, they became stronger with each passing day.
There were many factors that lead to this increasing of strength; the executive boards of the locals, the support from other locals, other unions, the community, the politicians, the state federation and the national federation, but let us be clear, without the leadership of Lisa, Stephanie, and Harry, the hospital would have won, and the patients would have lost.
They are a remarkable trio, each with their own strengths, and together, they are a force to be reconned with.
More than that, to me they are truly brother and sisters, mentors, and friends.
I started this role as union president without training. I had never been involved in a union, never worked my way through the ranks, never watched someone else to see how it was done.
Stephanie, Harry, anf Lisa, have been my guides, my mentors.
I am extremely proud of their recognition, proud of the AFT, and proud of my Local and the support role we played.
More than anything, I am thankful to have these three friends come into my life, at this time, and to have an opportunity to work side by side with them, and make a difference.

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