Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter to the editor of the Norwich Bulletin

  • Backus Hospital has served the Norwich community for over 100 years. 
    Our mission is to care for the health care needs of the community, 
    something we do with love and pride.
    The healthcare industry is changing and many of our community hospitals are 
    The conversion of some community hospitals may be inevitable. However, any 
    conversion should be carried out in a public, comprehensive and holistic manner.
    The bill currently being considered by the Legislature concerning nonprofit 
    hospital conversions to for-profit would establish a clear, transparent 
    process that would hold health management corporations accountable.
    The Norwich community deserves better than an interruption of care 
    or loss of access when nonprofit community hospitals are taken over 
    by for-profit corporations, such as Tenet HealthCare Corporation of Texas.
    The nurses of Backus are committed to preserving community access 
    to quality care for the people  of the Norwich area, whom we have 
    cared for at the bedside for over 100 years. 
    That is why I strongly support this legislation.
     As an Emergency Department RN, I ask the Norwich community to stand 
    with us in protecting all of Connecticut’s community hospitals.
    John Brady is president of the Backus Federation of Nurses
     Posted Mar. 16, 2014 in the Norwich Bulletin

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