Sunday, March 9, 2014


Have you ever worked through lunch because to take lunch would leave your unit short staffed, your patients vulnerable, and your coworkers unsafe?
Have you ever put off a restroom break, for hours, till your bladder felt like it was going to explode?
Have you ever been injured because there was not enough help to move a patient or care for one out of control?
Have you ever had to call home and apologized because you would be late again because "the place is a zoo and I can't leave my friends and the patients like this, someone will die."

If you're not in healthcare, have you ever heard stories like this from your healthcare friends?

It's the nature of the business is the message we are given, times are tough, hospitals are hurting.


This Monday, tommorrow , there is a committee vote in the Connecticut legislature.  If it passes, the bill will go for a vote, if it fails, the bill will die.  The bill simply requires hospitals tto report to the state on a quarterrly basis what their staffing ratios are.  They are already collecting this data by law.  It does not require any ratio, simply a reporting of them.
It's a small but important step, for nurses, for heathcare wrkers, for patients, and your the families of patients.

Please help us.
Take 5 minutes. Sign on and send a message for a yes vote tommorrow, and then share this with your friends.

So often we feel helpless. 

We are not. 

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