Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day

I will spend this Labor Day at my brother's house, with much of the family, having a traditional end of the summer cookout.
Many of my colleges will spend it at the bedside.

Not to worry, they'll get Thanksgiving off and I'll be at the bedside then.  It's the life of a bedside nurse.

Labor Day originated as a day to honor the workers of this country, upon whose strong backs and with whose keen minds, this country prospered into a nation envied by all others.  A nation where a man or woman could, through a good, honest days work, make a living wage and see to the needs of his or her family.

Today, that same man or women must often work 2 or 3 jobs to do the same for their family, and when they ask for a hand with childcare, they are accused of being lazy and living off the government.

All the while, income inequality grows.

"The rich get richer.""

"Money goes to money."

And what made us a great nation is replaced by profits and greed.

It is ironic, that Organized Labor's efforts give us the first Monday as a day of rest from work, a day to celebrate the worker, and yet, 50% of the workers of my hospital will work Monday, while 99% of management relaxes.
50% of the bedside nurses across this country will care for patients, 99% of their bosses will rest.
50% of all health care workers will work, and their coworkers will work the next holiday, while their CEO and Vice Presidents are at home or the beach.
50% of our Firefighter and Police and EMS and fast food workers and many more of our brothers and sisters will work.  While those at the top end of the pay scale will take a break.

And you know what, that's OK.
It's OK because WE are what made America  the "light on the hill" for the world and WE are what will make it a shining example of equality and fairness.
What started in Madison is a movement of workers, standing together and seeing that for this country to be great the workers must demand respect.

So, my brothers and sisters, whether you spend this Labor Day at the barbecue or the job site, remember that WE built this country, and We can rebuild it.

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