Saturday, September 14, 2013

The hearts of caregivers

A 27 year employee of my not for profit community hospital is battling lung cancer.  She hasn't been able to work since March and has lost her health care coverage.
At the same time, I read that a second not for profit community hospital in the area, L+M Hospital in New London, has an offshore "office" in the Cayman Islands.

From The Day newspaper:
"L+M hasn't moved $20 million offshore, (hospital spokesperson) Only $120,000 is on deposit in Grand Cayman, he said."
This is the same hospital that just laid off workers and cut their Kid Safe program to save $165,000.

We live in the richest country in the world.
We have workers who give their lives to a community hospital, a school, or in public service, and when they get sick, we don't care for them.
Not for profit community hospitals have Cayman Island offices and top executives that make $761,734/year, some even more, much more. 

Day after day workers across this country get up, send their kids off to school, check in on their elderly parents, and head to work.  
We don't do it so the people we work for can get rich.

We do it because of the patients, the students, the people we serve, the people who will drive the cars and live in the houses we build, sail in the ships we produce, cross the bridges we repair. 
We fight for our patients, students, and the public to receive the care they deserve.
We fight for our coworkers to receive the respect they deserve. 
We fight because of the values ingrained in our hearts, the hearts of workers; and our hearts are strong.  
The hearts of caregivers.
If you'd like to help one of those workers, our sister Noreen, please check the link below.

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