Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"This is a very painful time for hospitals."

L+M hospital is a not for profit hospital in New London, CT.  The other day they announced layoffs and one of the effects of those layoffs was the elimination of a program that exists to keep children safe.  The following are excepts from an article in the New London Day, the local newspaper, followed by a breakdown of the top 10 employees at L+M (none of whom were laid off)
An L+M program since 2001, Safe Kids was eliminated Tuesday when the hospital laid off 33 employees, among them 13 who worked at Safe Kids. Safe Kids focused on preventing childhood injuries with car seat inspections, educational programs about avoiding dog bites and poisoning, and sports, water, motor vehicle, bicycle, firearms and fire safety information, among other areas.
The hospital spokesperson said the program cost L+M $165,000 per year and generated no revenues.
At the Connecticut Hospital Association, news of the L+M layoffs came as no surprise.
Their spokesperson said hospitals have been eliminating jobs through layoffs, buyouts and by leaving vacant positions unfilled.
"Hospital employees are also feeling the cuts through wage reductions, furlough days, salary roll-backs, the elimination of merit raises, and reductions in paid time off," she said. "This is a very painful time for hospitals."

 POSITION TITLE                                SALARY   
1. President, CEO                                           $761,734     
2. Chief Operating Officer                                 $484,902      
3. Chair, Department of Surgery                       $428,327 
4. Vice President, CFO                                      $431,702
5. Vice Pres. of Strategic Planning                      $347,841
6. Chief Legal Officer                                         $324,214 
7. Chief Information Officer                                $300,811
8. Vice President, Patient Care                             $307,103
9. Vice President, Physician Practice Management   $287,114
10. Medical Director Physician                              $269,719

Grand Total:                                                     $3,943,467

I did the math.
The top 10 employees are paid $75,835 each week.
The Kid's Safety Program costs $3,173 each week.
33 hard working employees are out of work.
"This is a very painful time for hospitals."
But apparently not for hospital executives.

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