Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Just Culture"

There is a saying in carpentry, "measure twice, cut once."
It would apply to nursing as well. That's exactly why there is a "time out" before surgery. Once it's done, it's done.
Human beings are, well, "human."
That's why we have so many protocols and why we try to build safeguards into our systems.

It's also why I believe strongly in developing a "Just Culture" in the workplace.

In a "Just Culture" workplace, human nature is recognized and accepted.  Mistakes happen, and the emphasis isn't on fixing the blame, it's on fixing the problem.

It was noted that in the airline industry, "near misses", or 2 planes coming within 1 mile of each other, were under reported due to the fear of discipline.  However, when discipline was taken out of the equation, reports increased, systems were improved, and the flying became safer.

The same needs to happen in health care.

The ANA supports the development of "Just Culture" in nursing, more information is contained in the link