Tuesday, April 17, 2012

See you in court

Before I forget I want to say thank you to the 3 non union supporter RNs who came to negotiations tonight, you are always welcome.

That is the only positive to report.

We started tonight with a counter proposal in which we gave concessions in some language and moved our premiums on insurance from 2% increase each year to 3%.  We held on our wage system proposal and again explained why we consider it so important and we asked them could they explain their opposition to it so that we might find some common ground that would satisfy the concerns of both sides.
They didn't really have an explanation for us. 
Our feeling is that a step system of wages, which is what almost all hospitals have, would help in the retention of nurses because it would give nurses some kind of idea what to expect in future years.  We reiterated that the steps are not written in stone and that there is flexibility for freezes in movement between steps if that is needed because of economic changes.

They asked some in depth questions and then took a 2 hour caucus to look over our offer and prepare one of their own.  When they came back they said that we were far apart on wages and insurance and that we should consider moving some more and that they would see us April 26.

No counter proposal.

No discussion of what might be a solution to find middle ground.

No offer to accept federal mediation, which we have proposed 4 times.

See you April 26.

I am tired of trying to psychoanalyze their actions in negotiations.  I try to apply logic but it just isn't logical. The bottom line is that they have not made a counter proposal in our last 2 sessions, and that is not negotiating, that is stalling.

On May 14, in Hartford, the Federal Government will face Backus Hospital in court on an Unfair Labor Practice complaint.  In part, it reads, "By the conduct described above in paragraphs 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16, Respondent has been failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith with the exclusive collective-bargaining representative of its employees in violation of Section 8(a)(1) and (5) of the Act."

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