Thursday, April 19, 2012

Capitol Hill

We did a lot of walking today. 

We had meetings with Chris Murphy, Rosa DeLauro, Joe Courtney, Richard Blumenthal and their staffs.  It's a lot of walking because they are in different office buildings.  Our brothers and sisters from L+M and Danbury joined us.  The message was clear from all in attendance, management is not negotiating in good faith, they are refusing to recognise and give due respect to the nurses, nurses are getting more fed up by the day, and at this point all options are on the table.

We expressed thanks for our elected representatives and senators support and asked them to intervene once again to bring management to the table with real proposals so that we can "get it done" as the Governor said at our rally. 

Today a letter of support was delivered to management, signed by our state officials, reiterating their support and urging the same.

Also today, the Governor's office contacted management to push on this issue.

Our walking was not finished after our meetings.

Local 25, hotel workers, are holding an informational picket outside our hotel.  They have been without a contract for over a year (sound familiar?).  AFT contacted them and asked if they wished us to cancel our meetings.  They said no, but asked us to email management and urge them to negotiate.
I urge you to support them with an email.
We joined the picket line this afternoon and walked in solidarity.
They were very appreciative of us as we walked holding AFT signs.  I know how they feel because of the great support we have had at our rally and informational picket from the entire labor community.

So, a lot of walking today, but it's easy to walk when your walking for a just cause with people who support you.
Injury to one is injury to all!

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