Sunday, June 4, 2017

HB 7174 This is what democracy looks like

My blog this weekend is more a call to action than a blog.
A bill which passed the Connecticut house last night (HB 7174) would allow IV lines (and the medication in those lines) to be flushed by unlicensed people, who lack the training of a Nurse.
As a nurse, I am concerned about the effect of this bill on my patient's safety. As an elected leader, I am hearing from healthcare members, both nurses and non nurses, that they are similarly concerned. I ask you to reach out to the members of the Connecticut State Senate and help us protect our patients. 
Urge them to vote NO is this comes to the state senate floor.
You can use this link:

You can click here to see the bill. The important part is section 2, (3b)

Thanks and don't stop there. Whatever state you live in, there is probably a similar way to contact your legislators.
It makes a difference.
As they say, if you're not at the table, you're on the menu.

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