Sunday, June 18, 2017

Becoming engaged is not difficult

When the Irish came to this country by the millions, fleeing famine and an oppressive government, they were met with signs that said, "No Irish need apply."
The only jobs they could get were the dirtiest and the most dangerous. So dangerous that many men died, leaving widows and children behind.
I'm sure they complained about the injustice, but they did more, they realized they lacked money and political power, but they did have people, and they were growing in numbers, so they organized.
They took over the cities by electing their leaders, they took over the workplaces by organizing their workers. They demanded a government that worked for them and a workplace with basic safety.

It is common today to complain.
I get that.
It's also common to think we cannot not make a difference.
I get that too.
But it's untrue.
The United States has a history of people joining together, becoming engaged, and making a difference.The Revolutionary War, the takeover of the cities by the Irish, the Civil Rights Movement, and on and on.
It is our culture.
WE THE PEOPLE need to return to it.

We need to get informed, get involved and change things.
When there is injustice in our government, we need to support candidates who believe as we do.
We need to run for public office ourselves.
When there is injustice in the workplace, we need to join in unity with our coworkers and speak with one voice.

Complain yes, but don't let it end there. That's what those in power want. They want you to complain about Trump, Obama, Hillary, the democrats, the republicans, etc.
What they don't want you to do is become engaged.

Right now, there are a few steps you can take to start.  They aren't hard. Pick one.

The is a bill on the desk of the Governor of Connecticut, HB 7174.
It would take a role that has been  done by licensed health care professionals, nurses, paramedics, CAT scan techs and others, and allow non-licensed, non-trained personnel to perform it, the flushing of an IV line with Normal Saline.
It's a patient safety issue and CT state Rep Peter Tercyak had it right when he said on the floor of the house that if this was a bill concerning a predominately male profession, it would never pass.
Please take a moment and send the governor a short note asking him to Veto this bill. You can follow this link.

Right now, in the United States Senate, 13 men are meeting behind closed doors to decide the future of health care coverage in this country.  It is expected that they will soon emerge and present a bill to the Senate, limit debate to 24 hours, and call for a vote.
It is expected to be similar to the ACHA recently passed by the house and it is expected to become law.
Please email your senator and complain that this should be an open discussion with public hearings.  Let them know that like most Americans, you do not believe taking health care away from 23 million Americans is a good idea, that taking health care away from 18-26 years olds is a good idea, that taking health care away from 50-65 year olds is a good idea, that taking health care away from those with preexisting conditions is a good idea.
Please do it now!

The Connecticut State Legislature ended the regular session without a budget agreement.  That means that they will be soon called back into session to complete this work.  The question is, will the rich benefit at the hands of the middle class and poor?  Please write your legislator and tell them not to cut vital services.  Tell them to enact a budget in which everyone does their share, not just the middle class and poor. Tell them to reject an austerity budget and ask the rich to share the sacrifice.
You can follow this link to do so.

Take one small step, please.
That's how it starts and it's not hard.
But it is important.

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