Sunday, November 13, 2016

You get what your willing to fight for

What a week!

I'm still in a bit of shock over the outcome of the election. I think many are.
I've listened to the experts and I've heard that the republicans voted in the same numbers as 4 years ago but democrats did not.
I've heard some say for months that they were disappointed that out of the whole country, these were the two best candidates that the parties could come up with.
I buy the reasoning.
I don't buy the excuse.

Once agin, half the eligible voters of this country didn't vote.

Don't blame "the party," don't blame the "establishment."
If you didn't vote.....blame yourself.

I'm working an organizing drive of healthcare workers this week.
It's hard for workers to find the courage to stand up for their rights.
It's hard for them to find the time and energy to do it.
But guess what.
We have a saying in the labor movement.
"You get what you are willing to fight for."

The same is true about politics.

I made a new friend this year. Her name is Angie and she is an AFT teacher in Connecticut.
She has never been involved in politics or the labor movement before now.
Bernie energized her and she became an activist and worked hard for him.
She has a delegate at the national convention for him, I was a delegate for Hillary.
I encouraged her to stay active, to continue that passion.
She joined our state union political action committee. 
I emailed her after the election to see how she was doing and if she intended to remain involved.
She responded, "Don't worry about me. I'm ready to,spring into action....again. Hope you are too."

I needed that.
That's what we all need.
That's what the workers of this hospital need.
We must be willing to take responsibility for the way things are and to work to make them better.
If not, we need to be willing to be ruled by the elite and privileged. 
It's hard work, so role up your sleeves and let's get started.

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