Friday, November 4, 2016

Voting for a voice

I want to thank Dennis O'Brian for inviting me onto his radio show today.
It gave me the opportunity to correct some inactuate campaign mailings and phone calls about some wonderful state legislators.
It seems that all the negative campaigning and lies coming from the Trump camp have made it acceptable to do the same on the state level.
The truth of the matter is that Windham Connecticut and the surrounding area is blessed to be represented by 5 legislators who stand up for working class people every day, and any campaign claims that they do not are just a smokescreen to divert us from the incredible lack of integrity and knowledge of their opponents.

I proudly join AFT Connecticut to endorse Mea Flexer, Cathy Osten, Susan Johnson, Linda Orange, and Greg Haddard and strongly encourage our members and others to support them with your vote this Tuesday. 

I will join my fellow AFT officers today and tomorrow to go door to door to encourage union members to support all of organized labor's endorsed candidates on Tuesday. Many AFT Connecticut members have contributed untold hours of their own time working for pro-worker candidates and against those who would take from the poor and working class and give to the rich.
I'm proud to be a small part of the effort.

After I vote Tuesday morning, I will drive to the airport and travel to Vancouver, Washington, where a group of hospital workers have found the courage to stand up and stand together, to advocate for their patients, their families, and themselves, and form a union.
I will trade going door to door in Connecticut for the election to going door to door in Washington for another election, an election of the greatest importance, an election of workers to gain a voice in the workplace.
It wasn't too, too long ago, that I was doing this at my own hospital.

I thank Jan for sending me, for the opportunity to help, as others have helped me.
She would have preferred to go herself but such are the many responsibilities of the president that sometimes she must send her VP.
She would have preferred to go herself for the same reason she has spent so much time knocking doors in this election.  She understands the consequences of action (or inaction.)

Tuesday, you face that same truth.
Get out and vote.
It's how we get our place at the table and you know what they say, " If we're not at the table, we're on the menue."

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