Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wednesday Morning

It will be over soon 

This campaign has been tiring. 

All the negative campaigning has led people to believe that all politicians are crooked and only out for themselves. 

The truth is, many are hard working, honest public servants, doing what they feel is the best for others. 

There are some who only care about themselves or those like them, and because they cannot campaign on their strengths, they try to pull their opponent down, hoping that this levels the playing field and voters think everyone is crooked so what's the use.

Why vote?

Don't buy it. 

Don't be deceived. 

There are good candidates. 

Seek them out and support them. 

One of them will be leader of the free world in January.

Others will represent us in congress and the statehouses. 

We can agree to disagree about the appropriate role of government. 

That's why we have 2 major parties. 

But we must not let party loyalty blind us into voting for someone who will work against our interests, someone who would be harmful for our state or country. 

There are two candidates with a chance to be president. 

One is qualified and one is not. 

One insults women, blacks, Muslims, Latinos, the disabled and others.  He thinks more countries having nuclear weapons would be a good thing. He thinks not paying taxes for years makes him smart. He thinks cheating small business owners and their workers by declaring bankruptcy is being a good businessman. 

I disagree. 

Hillary Clinton has served as First Lady, U S Senator, and Secretary of State. She has worked for the welfare of working class Americans her whole life. 

She has what it takes to be President of the United States, Commander in Chief, leader of the free world. 

It will be all over Tuesday night.

This isn't reality TV, it's real life.

What kind of state and country do we want to wake up to on Wednesday morning?

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