Friday, July 3, 2015

Week one in the new job

My cell phone rang Monday morning, "Mae Flexer" the caller ID said.
Mae is a friend but she's also a Connecticut State Senator.
She was looking to have a press conference about Hartford Healthcare announcing layoffs while the executives receive large salaries and bonuses and blame "the state" for their woes.
She wanted our involvement.

OK, now remember, 3 weeks ago I was working bedside in the ER and now a state senator is calling me for help.

"I'd be glad to help Mae, but you know I don't officially start until Wednesday."
She thought we had already started and in some ways we had, with all the meetings we've been having to have an orderly transition.

We were able to work it out and on Thursday had a turnout of about 60 people (many of them members) for a press conference in front of the Windham Hospital with the two Local presidents, Mae, 2 state representatives and myself.
Kudos to the AFT Connecticut for pulling it off.

So on the second "official day" of my new position I was part of a press conference.
OK then.

We had hit the ground running the ground running the day before with "issues" at one of our hospitals, a conference call with AFT national, and a state political situation that was changing from minute to minute, and required responses from us.
"Is every day going to be like this Jean?"

I need to say what a pleasure it is to be finally working in same office as Jean and Jan, and Ed when he is there (Ed is a half time officer).
To be able to walk down the hall to each other's offices, sit down, and have a conversation.
We have great chemistry and complement each other well.

I'm getting to know the office staff better too. They're a great group of people and have been real helpful in me getting comfortable with my new surroundings.
"Lindsey, I printed from my computer, where does it print out?"

It's also great to collaborate with the filed reps, the organizers, the political and press people, and everyone else in Rocky Hill.

It is an incredible honor to be part of this team, representing our 30,000 education, public service and healthcare members, and advocating for working men and women across our state.
We have a lot of work to do but what an opportunity to make a difference.

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