Friday, August 8, 2014

Why Betsy Ritter

Wednesday night, my union members hit the phones to remind others that there is a primary next Tuesday and that we have endorsed Betsy Ritter for state senate.

Tomorrow and Sunday, members of the 3 L+M locals will hit the streets to visit union households for the same reason. Backus Nurses will join them, as well as union members from other locals and unions.

Why spend our free time doing this?

I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are people.  But at the base of all those reasons is this.
We believe in a society where the common man and woman should be equal with the privileged.
We believe society is better if all have a voice at the table.
We believe that to achieve this, we must have the right to organize and collectively bargain.

Not everyone agrees with us.

When Scott Walker became governor of Wisconsin, he stripped workers of this right.  Now teachers cannot advocate for their students without fear of retribution.
That's just not right.
Before we organized I was afraid to advocate for my patients, if it went against a doctor or management.
That's just not right.

So, when someone in the legislature or the executive branch stands in solidarity with us and these rights, we must stand with them.
It's only right.

Betsy Ritter has consistently done this. Standing with us on vote after vote, advocating for patients, for students, and the workers of Connecticut.
She has stood with us on the streets of Norwich, on the streets of New London, and in the chambers in Hartford.
She has done so not out of any sense of obligation for our support.
Rather, our support is out of appreciation of her core beliefs and her ability to effectively lead on those beliefs.

I have nothing against her opponent, I believe him to be honorable and sincere. I wish him well.
However, there are few like Betsy Ritter.
That's why we call, that's why we walk, that's why we stand with her.

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