Saturday, August 2, 2014

39 and counting

August 2, 1975 was a scorcher.
It wasn't just because I was dressed in a tux and had a full crop of hair still insulated my head, it was HOT!
The debate continues about whether the air conditioner at the reception was broken or just couldn't handle the workload, but there is agreement that the room was far from comfortable.
That day, Michelle Renee Bessenaire and I were wed.
14,245 days ago.
Figuring for leap years.
Not that we're counting.

It's hard to imagine how so many years could have passed, and how they could exactly match our ages, but so it is.

As you can imagine, there have been good days and bad, celebrations and defeats, wins and losses.
We have raised two loving sons and we have three wonderful, active grandchildren.
We have cried at births and cried at deaths.  We have held each other close as we have said goodbye to our parents, our brother in laws and many others.
We have supported each other as we each returned to school as adults.
We have suffered through layoffs and celebrated new jobs and a union organizing drive.
We have traveled and vacationed in exotic places and we have traveled together to the mall and grocery store.
We have balanced a budget and checkbook with varying success.
We have sung at birthdays and wrapped and opened so many Christmas presents.

And then one day....
39 years.

How does a couple celebrate such a momentous occasion?
Well, I worked today and Michelle did the grocery shopping.
We met at church, then came home to eat left overs.
Our big treat was to catch a movie and then stop for one glass of wine.
I know, party animals, but the morning and work will come soon enough.

That, my friends is the way of real marriage, and of real life.  It's not always fireworks, not always happily ever after.  It's work, and groceries, and chores, and an occasional night out.
And I'll take it.
Because for all these years, and I hope, a good deal more, I have been privileged to share lives with an amazing person.
And that is what it's all about.

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