Thursday, August 28, 2014

Round one to Malloy

It's on!
The first of the gubernatorial debates for the Connecticut governor race was held last night in Norwich. 
It might be impossiblele for me to give an accurate assessment of who was the winner and who was the loser because I clearly favor the Governor in this race, but I think the "experts" will agree, Malloy won by a mile.

Dan Malloy knows his facts and figures and can recall them in a moment's notice.  Tom Foley is reduced to speaking in generalities, and offers no definitive plan for the future.
The Governor can speak to specific investments in infrastructure or education and all Foley can say is we need reform, we need to invest more and cut taxes and balance the budget, but offers no specifics on how he would do so.
I could go on, but I'll let you read it all in the papers and on social media.
Bottom line, Dan Malloy is not perfect, he has made mistakes, but his heart is with the working class and disadvantaged of this state and he works hard for us each and every day.
Last night he clearly apologized to teachers for remarks he had made in the past about tenure. He said "I was wrong" and he praised teachers.
Somewhere, Dan Malloy's teachers, must have smiled.

Tom Foley has no specifics, even though he ran for governor 4 years ago.
He comes to small town Eastern Connecticut and tells the select woman/senator, whom he doesn't recognize, and the mill workers, that THEY FAILED and that is why their mill closed.

One final note.
You can tell a lot about a leader by who they chose as a running mate.
Is that running mate a strong person in their own right?
Are they a partner, or window dressing?
Are they capable of taking over in a moment's notice if needed?
Are they as hard a worker, as dedicated to the cause, as passionate about what they do, as the candidate?
Lt Governor Nancy Wyman is all this and more.
That says a lot about the governor.

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