Monday, May 19, 2014

No one stands alone

There she was, up on the big screen, seconding the Governor of Connecticut for re-election.

The room was filled with a who's who of labor leaders, with drop in visits from the Governor, Lt Governor, and everybody else in the administration. It was the Labor Reception room at the state Democratic convention.
And there was Stephanie Johnson, president of Local 5051 at L+M hospital, my friend, on the over sized TV screen, playing  major role.
It's no surprise. She led her members through a tough Lockout and proved she is a leader in the labor movement. 
She is also the commissioner of the Commission on African-American Affairs.
When she spoke, the room stopped, listened, and then applauded.
What a moment!

You see, it wasn't just MY Stephanie, it was EVERYONE'S Stephanie.

The victory at L+M has energized the Connecticut Labor Movement.  So many, many people people, from across the state and nation, played a role.  They walked the line, they wrote letters and sent emails and made phone calls, they sent donations of food, money and toys, in some cases they cooked the food right there on the picket line.
It was L+M's victory yes, but it was Labor's victory as well.

Stephanie, Lisa, and Harry received the President's Award at the AFT Connecticut convention and each of them in their own way said that it was their executive boards, it was their members, it was the Labor Movement, who made it all possible.

If Stephanie was nervous on that stage in front of all those people, she didn't show it, but then again, Stephanie, Harry and Lisa understand a very important fact about the Labor Movement......
No one ever stands alone.

When great leaders stand up, we stand with them in solidarity.

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