Sunday, May 25, 2014

Local 5149 update 5/25/14

I try to send out regular updates to my members via email, and I started to think maybe some non-members would like to hear what's going on.

Fellow nurses,
Interesting conference call this week with Fran Lawrence, AFT Executive VP, members of the small union task force and members of the Defense Fund Committee on how to implement suggested changes to the Defense Fund that the task force has recommended. 
The Defense Fund helps pay for costs associated with large legal issues, strikes, lockouts, etc.  The L+M situation is a good case in point.  The 3 L+M Locals split 1/3 of the costs, the state Federation 1/3, and the National 1/3.  As you can imagine, this puts a tremendous financial strain on a Local, especially a small one.  At  L+M the smallest Local is the LPN/Tech Local 5051, with about 250 members.  We have some Locals in AFT with as few as 10 members, and that is the concern of the task force.  I don't know what the outcome will be, but we have a voice in the process.
This week, Melissa has two important meetings, one dealing with staffing issues on one unit and the other dealing with the return to work of a nurse who has been out for a while.  Thank you Melissa for coming in on her own time to take these meetings.
On contract is online on our website.
Issues come up between contracts that need to be dealt with and agreements need to be made until the next contract negotiations.  (Vacations, on Call, etc.) These agreements are worked out by the Labor/Management Committee (currently the 4 union officers and a management team)
I was asked if we could post these agreements with the contract and I will work on getting that done. If you have any questions please contact me or another delegate.
Speaking of websites, did you know we have an app?
If you go onto the Apple App store or the android Play store, and search "AFT" you can find it.  Once downloaded, click "Local" and you can set your favorite to 5149, that way, the contract and other info is never far away.

In service,

June 16 + 17 is the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention
July 11-14 is the AFT national convention
Sept 20 is the AFT Connecticut healthcare professional issues conference, more info to come.

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