Sunday, May 4, 2014

Carol Adams, our Obi-Wan

In one of the Star War Movies, Obi-Wan faces Vader, and he tells Vader that if struck down, he will become more powerful than before.  Of course, that's exactly what happens.
Let's watch.

We have our own Obi-Wan.
When we organized, we had one nurse, Carol Adams, who has a talent for socializing and connecting with people.
She can "work a room."
I asked her to be our Political Liaison.
Carol had wanted to work for several more years.  She has nursed her entire life, enjoys it, and in particular, enjoys mentoring new nurses.
But, things have changed at the hospital, it's "not the same". and Carol was, shall we say, "encouraged" to retire.
Like Obi-Wan, she felt struck down.
Now,Carol attends more political and social events, and meetings with union brothers an sisters, than ever.
Like Obi-Wan, she has become stronger.
We attended an event for the Governor on Thursday and there was another one yesterday.  Family obligations kept me from attending, but no worries, Carol was there.
Her email report:

Hi John, had a nice afternoon at the Goldman's. Made a new contact, Susan Bysiewicz. I also had a nice chat with the Gov. He thanked me for coming out for him again. I reminded him that after a difficult day he came to a small union hall in downtown Norwich when we were organizing, and that it meant a lot to us. I told him we'd like to return the favor. He seemed touched. 

We are extremely lucky to have Carol in this role, and as my a good friend and adviser.
Like Obi-Wan, always there for me.

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