Monday, June 17, 2013


Paul Mallon recently passed away and I and so, so many other people lost a good friend and a bright spot in our day.

Paul was a retired Connecticut State Trooper and I came to know him when he came to work at the hospital as a security officer.  A true gentleman and one of the funniest people and best story tellers I have ever met.
Whenever I saw him coming towards me I knew I was in for a treat.  I believe that at times I actually started laughing before he spoke, in anticipation.  He enjoyed being funny too, no, he delighted in it.

I'll share one of his many stories in his memory.

He was working out to Troop D, in Danielson, at the time.
He pulled over a car with Quebec plates in North Grovernerdale.
He walks to the window and asks for licence and registration.
Paul, looking at the licence, "OK Mr Leviscue..."
Driver, "Laveck"
Paul, "Hey, none of that! Now Mr. Leviscue..."
Driver, "Laveck."
Paul, "Hey, I said that's enough, one more time and I'll bring you in.  Now Mr Lesiscue..."
Driver, "Laveck."
Paul, "That's it.  Your coming with me."

Paul arrives at troop D, which at the time is manned by French Canadians, except for Paul.

Sargent Chartier, "Mallon, why'd you pull him in?"
Paul, "He was swearing at me in French."
Chartier, "What did he say?"
Paul, " I don't know, sounded like"laveck"."
Chartier, "let me see his licence."

Paul hands the licence to the Sargent.

L E V E S Q U E!

Then Paul would give you that "Mallon look".
Tilt his head to the side, roll his eyes to the heavens, sheepishly grin, and put his hands out palms up.

And then say, wait for it................"Ayup"

I'm betting there's a Dixie Donuts in Heaven and I'm betting Paul's sitting at the counter entertaining the angles.
We'll miss you Paul, put we'll never forget you.

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