Saturday, March 16, 2013

My hope for the Pope

"We have a Pope" came the announcement in Latin!
With those four words Francis was presented to the world. He will lead the Catholic Church, he will influence world leaders, he will pastor his people.
I've read that he is the son of immigrants and that he lives a simple life. As a cardinal he lived in an apartment, cooked for himself, rode the bus, ministered to the poor and prostitutes.
Sounds good.
His views are conservative for me, but then again, most of the Church's leadership is.
My hope for him, for all the world, is that he is true to the teachings of Jesus. That we are all brothers and sisters, that none of us is perfect, that it is our job to forgive, not judge. That when one of our brothers or sisters suffers, we all suffer. That whatever we chose to call our higher power, God loves us and cares for us.
My hope is that Francis lives his life as an example we can all imitate.
Francis pledged to pray for us and asked us to pray for him.
We have a Pope.

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