Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alter Ego

Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Clark Kent and LMPA all have something in common.
We all know that Peter is Spiderman, that Bruce is the Hulk, that Clark is Superman.
They look a little different, they have different names, but they are one in the same.
It's what's called an alter ego.


LMPA is the alter ego of L+M Hospital.
Since November, L+M has fired 44 employees and rehired new employees under the name of LMPA!
Why would they do that?
Because L+M now claims the new employees are no longer covered by a contract.  They claim they can be fired at any time and for any reason, because they have no collective bargaining rights, no "just cause" rights that union workers hold.

As Local 5049 President Lisa D'Abrosca put it, it's like a union grocery store opening a new store across the street, running the old store into the ground and out of business, and shifting the work to the new store where they can mistreat the employees.
It's just plain wrong!

Our 3 L+M sister locals are standing together, standing up, and standing strong.  They will fight to protect their members who were fired and they will fight to ensure that the new employees rights are protected as members of their unions.
They have filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge against the hospital and are waiting to see if the National Labor Relations Board agrees with them that L+M has broken the law.

I stand in solidarity with the leadership and members of locals 5049, 5051, and 5123, and ask you to do the same.
Injury to one is injury to all.