Monday, February 11, 2013

Backus workers come through (again) in Nemo

I want to send out a big thank you and a job well done to the employees of Backus Hospital, and indeed to all the emergency medical crews, police, fire, public works employees and everyone who left family at home and worked through the storm so that others could be safe.
I am so proud to count you as my brothers and sisters. You perform these tasks every day, every hour, throughout the year and at times like these this daily role is only magnified.
Well done, well done indeed!

I worked on Friday and was able to get home with a little difficulty before the worst of the storm hit.  I was one of the lucky ones this time.  I had his weekend off, I was home in my own bed, I never lost power, I was indeed lucky.
All weekend long I received phone calls, emails, FB messages, and texts from coworkers stranded at the hospital.
Let me share parts of the them.

I was held over Saturday morning. We finally got places to sleep around 930 am. Throughout the morning, we listened to continuous pages overhead. At one point (around 11am when I gave up on sleep) we heard there would be sandwiches in the caf for staff members. By the time I reached the caf, they were out.

I worked from 11-11 yesterday 2/8/13 and was told I had to stay over at the hospital just in case they needed me the next day. I was released this morning at 830 am.

Just wanted to send you my email from my cot in same day surgery! I came in for 11 last night and at 7 this morning I was asked to stay until 11 and I willingly agreed. Then at 11 I was told to stay and they would find me a room. I am also told at 3 someone will 'find me' and let me know if I will have to stay until 11pm tonight. All in all it's been incredibly confusing and working what would be essentially a triple shift (my four hours off I've spent mostly digging my car out) seems completely impossible.

I worked Friday 7am-3:30pm(planned), punched out, slept in DI then came back on Friday 11pm due to a sick call- I did this willingly to help out my dept. A 7am-11am RN was unable to come in. I was agreeable to remain. Then the 11am-3pm nurse called out unable to get in. I stayed on duty so we could have 2 RNs on. I planned to remain until 3pm when shift change would take place. I got a call from my boss @ 1230 & was told to punch out- but told do not leave-go get rest because they might need me later for 2nd shift. Never mind the fact that I was also on schedule for next morn 7am. I'm tired, going to bed so I can work Sunday 7am-3pm- not even my week-end(switched for friend's vacation)

I was asked to come in early ahead of the storm to be available. I arrived around 3 pm on Friday and checked in with PCS. They told me to stand by and be ready, don't leave the area and have a cell phone on me. I worked 3rd shift as scheduled and was told to stay in the hospital, given an assigned bay in same day surgery to sleep. I was told to check in at noon to see if they were going to need me for 2nd shift. I slept for 3 hours, got up and checked in. Was told decisions were to be made for 2 pm. I waited around until 2:30pm when they finally told me I was to work 7p-7a. Given another bay in PACU to rest, I slept a total of 2 more hours. At 7pm, I reported to work. I was released in the morning after change of shift as I am scheduled to be back at 7p tonight.
i will have been up 24 hrs soon John because frankly I can't sleep on a stretcher.....with the intercom going off.....and the freezing temp in same day.....I'm all for doing my part but....
I worked Friday night my 7pm-7am shift . At 11pm last night they told night shift that we may have to stay until 8am, the morning they came and told us all to punch out but wait for a little meeting at 8:15 they told us we would all have to stay in the hospital to be available for 2nd shift today, and we would be given sleeping accommodations....At 2:05 they came and told us we were released.
I worked Thursday night and the nursing supervisor  told me to be at the hospital between 1pm and 4pm Friday as it was imperative that I be there for my scheduled night shift Fri 11-7 as travel would be impossible after 4.
 I arrived at the hospital about 1:30 pm Friday. I worked my scheduled night shift Fri night. Stayed in E-1 surgical. I was told to check in with the office when I woke up Sat. I checked in around noon and they told me I was to stay and that I was needed to come to work at 7pm and work through the night. I left the hospital just after 7:30 Sunday Am.
To a person, every employee I spoke with was more than willing to do there part.  Even in their extremely fatigued state they felt this way.
Issues came up and both myself and our vice president, Melissa Hunter, were on the phone with management trying to work them out as they happened.  There are still many issues to work out and we will, I assure you.
You are truly an amazing group of people and if for no other reason than that, you deserve to have these issued settled in a fair manner.