Monday, October 22, 2012

Understanding our contract, Articles 47-52

Article 47, Wages
After much negotiating, the final agreement for wages is a wage range, based on date of graduation with a degree in nursing.  The maximum and minimum in each range shrinks each year, starting at $1.50 and ending at $1.00.  The scale is in our contract on page 33.  Basically, it provided for an immediate increase for most nurses of 3%, an increase next June of 2.25%, and the following June of 1%.  Resource Center members will continue to receive $48/hour for the next 3 years.

Article 48, Health and Welfare
The hospital will offer Aetna POS  II or an equivalent plan for the life of the contract.  They will also offer the current Delta Dental plan.
The contract does call for increases in weekly payroll deductions, and they are spelled out on page 34 of the contract.  Increases will occur at the beginning of each year and are based on budgeted hours.
The % you see are the % of the total cost of the plan.  The increases are significantly less than we faced at the beginning of the negotiations.
The hospital will also offer the current vision plan without change in premiums.

Article 49, Short Term Disability and Article 50, Long Term Disability
The hospital will provide short and long term disability for non-work related injuries sat no cost to the members budgeted for 24 hours or more

Article 51, Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
The above coverages will be provided to members who are budgeted at 24 hours or more at no cost.

Article 52, Retirement Benefit
The hospital will continue the 403(b) plan and continue the 3% contribution each year and an additional 3% contribution to employes who participated in the old Pension Plan and had at least 10 years service on 12/1/09 and who's age plus years of service equals 55 or more. (this is the current practice)
The old Pension Plan remains frozen as of 12/31/09.