Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thank you, Michelle Hayes

My last post was about the power of We.  Soon after I wrote that we have an example of it in real life.

Our Vice President/Chief Delegate has tendered her resignation.  Family obligations have recently increased and they need her full attention at this time.  She felt that she could not continue to give the excellent service to the members as has become her trade mark.

I was not happy with this news and my first reaction was to try to figure some way to convince her that she could continue to "do it all."  I needed to step  back and realize that this was just me being selfish.  Michelle has been a critical part of our leadership since we started planning for negotiations. She has become my good friend and advisor.  I am confident that she will continue as one of our lead delegates and I'm sure I will continue to call on her for advice and support.

Melissa Hunter, our Secretary will step into the role of VP/Chief Delegate.  She is, without question, qualified for the position.  She has my full support and I'm sure the full support of the members.

Thinking back on all the people who have stepped forward in the past 2+ years to be of service to their fellow nurses, in the organizing drive, the negotiations, and post negotiations, underscores the fact that this is not my union, not Michelle's union, it is OUR union.  The load is carried by all. Yes, some people dedicate more time and energy but all contribute, and at times all must step back and let others lead.  That is the power of WE.

Those of us who lead do not do it alone either.  We are blessed with a strong relationship with our sister locals at L+M, other AFT CT locals, our state Federation and the southeastern CT labor community.

We are now looking for someone to step forward to serve as our Secretary.  Contact me know if you want more information about this chance to serve to your fellow nurses.  It is open to all members.

In closing I want to say thank you to Michelle.  Your service to your union has been an example for the rest of us. To those who served on the organizing committee, the negotiations committee, who knocked on doors, who came to negotiations, who serve now as delegates and communication liaisons, the membership thanks you.  That is the power of WE, that is solidarity.