Friday, October 5, 2012

Understanding our Contract, Articles 43-46

Article 43, Holidays
There are 6 paid holidays.
If you are off you are paid straight time for the holiday. (prorated, based on budgeted hours)
If you work the holiday, time will be credited to your vacation bank, and:
You receive time and a half if you work Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day,
You receive double time if you work New Years Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
Holidays falling on Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday and holidays falling on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday. If the holiday is observed in this way (a Friday or Monday), and you work on the observed day, then you will be paid your regular salary plus $5/hour.
As an example: This year Christmas falls on a Sunday. If you work Dec 25, you receive double time. If you work December 26, you receive regular pay plus $5/hour. If you work the observed holiday, Dec 26, then you are credited to your vacation bank, if you are off, then you are paid straight time.
Every attempt will be made to rotate holidays and to give off Christmas Eve or New Years Eve to nurses working those holidays.

Article 44, Sick time
Sick time is accrued at the rate of 1 hour for each 40 hours worked and may be used once a nurse has worked 680 hours from date of hire.
Sick time may be used for illness, injury, health condition, medical diagnosis or treatment, and preventative care for an employee, their spouse or their minor child.
It may also be used when the employee is a victim of family violence or sexual assault to obtain medical or psychological care, services from victim services, to relocate, or to participate in civil or criminal proceedings related to such as assault.
Click HERE for info on Connecticut's new sick leave law.

Article 45, Vacation time
Accrual rate of vacation time depends on budgeted hours and years of service at the hospital. It is spelled out in the contract.
Vacation requests for the period of Memorial Day through Labor Day may be submitted in January and for Thanksgiving through New Years Day may be submitted in July.
All other full week vacations may be submitted starting 6 months before the schedule for that month. Less than full week vacations may be submitted approximately 5 weeks prior to the month in question. The Human Resources Department has a chart near the time clocks spelling this out.
There is currently a grievance on the time frame for submitting partial week vacations, so that could change. In a nutshell, the union believes that the hospital is misinterpreting the intent of the language and that we should not be held to the 5 week submitted time frame.

Article 46, Resignation
3 weeks notice is expected in a resignation and payout of unused vacation time is dependant upon such notice being given.

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