Thursday, September 27, 2012

Understanding our contract Articles 33-42

Article 33, Bereavement Pay
You are entitled for up to 3 days payed time off for the death of a spouse, parent, step parent, child or sibling, one day payed time off for a grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, or current in law.
Additional time off for the death of a relative may be requested and taken as unpaid or vacation time.  Requests for bereavement time for a non relative must be as vacation time.
We felt that with today's blended families and with families sometimes living in other states or countries it was important to include the ability to request more than the traditional 1 or 3 days and/or request time for a non relative.

Article 34 Jury Duty Pay
If called to Jury duty You will be paid your usual salary for the first 5 days.
The next 20 days are not paid.
Days 26-45 are paid at your normal salary.
Days over 45 are not paid.
Available vacation time may be used for any non paid days.
Under Connecticut state law, if you are called by the state to jury duty, you are paid $50/day for every day starting with day 6.

Article 35, Court Appearance
If you are subpoenaed to appear in court you will be granted the needed leave and may use vacation time. 
If subpoenaed by the Hospital, you will be paid your normal salary. 
If you are a victim of a crime you will be permitted to take time off to attend court or participate in a police investigation and you may use vacation time.

Article 36, Worker's Compensation
If you are injured at work you are paid the remainder of your shift.  The Hospital's insurance carrier will pay you if your lost time exceeds 3 days, retroactive to day one.  If you miss less than 3 days then the insurance carrier is not obligated to pay you but you may use sick or vacation time.

Article 37, Restricted Duty
The Hospital may make temporary, restricted duty (light duty) assignments for work or non-work related injuries or illnesses, during which time you receive your normal salary.

Article 38 and 39, FMLA and Military Leave
We are covered by Connecticut and Federal FMLA acts and the Uniformed Services and Redeployment Act.

Article 40, Pregnancy Leave
Up to 8 weeks of pregnancy leave should you not qualify for FMLA

Article 41, Personal leave
You may request up to 8 weeks of unpaid personal leave.  You must use any vacation time you have.

Article 42, Inactive status
If you exceed leave as set out in Worker's Comp, FMLA, or Military Leave, you are eligible for inactive status for up to one year.  During inactive status you receive no salary or benefits, but your employment is protected.
We felt this was important because no one should lose their employment because of an injury at work, a condition that qualifies them for FMLA, or while serving their country in the military.

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