Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Understanding our contract, Articles 28-32

Article 28, On-Call Status
There are two forms of On-Call, Restricted and non restricted.
A nurse on Restricted call must stay at the hospital, non restricted must be able to report to the hospital within 30 minutes of being called.
The rate for Restricted call in minimum wage and for non restricted call is $4.25/hour.
If  a restricted on call nurses is assigned work, they are paid the normal appicable rate.  If a non restricted call nurse is called, they are paid 1 1/2 their normal rate from the time they are notified.
Because of the 30 minute time limit for reporting to work, a parking area solely designated for non restriced call nurses will be set up , they can punch in at any time clock, and they have ten minutes to dress after punching in.  Because some people who are required to be on non restricted call currently live more than 25 minutes from the hospital, a list of "grandfathered" nurses has been established.  These nurses will be granted additional time to report.

Article 29  Charge Nurses Status
A nurse assigned as charge nurse will receive an additional $1.25/hour.  The hospital agrees that the roe of charge nurse will remain a bargaining unit position (there will be no attempt to claim them as supervisors and thus not covered by the contract).

Article 30  Child Care
If the hospital decides to modify or discontinue the child care center, they will give 90 days notice and bargain the effects.

Article 31 Educational Support
Nurses working 24 or more hours a week, who have been employed at least one year, will be reimbursed up to $2,400/year to a maximum of $10,000 total, for tuition. It must be pre-approved, be at an accredited institution, and be taken toward a degree to enhance job competence or future positions.  A grade of "B" or better or "pass" in a pass/fail course must be achieved.  Full details are in the contract.

Article 32  Cafeteria
The hospital may make changes to the cafeteria, vending machines, or other commissary programs.  They will give us notice of such changes and will bargain effects upon our request.

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