Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leo Canty

My friend, Leo Canty, is running for the Connecticut State Representative in the 5th district.  He is the endorsed candidate and he won a primary for the right to run in the general election.  Now he is in a legal battle with the candidate who did not gain the endorsement and did not win the primary, just to be able to exercise the right he won (twice), to run in the general election.
In 1978 Leo helped organize the union at the Uconn Health Center, Local 3837, one of the most respected Locals to be found anywhere in this country. Leo served as their Treasurer and as their President.  Leo now serves as Second Vice President of AFT-CT, Local 3837's state federation.
Leo has dedicated his life to the protection of working men and women and the preservation of the middle class.
When we struggled against overwhelming odds at Backus Hospital, Leo stood with us, speaking at our rally and marching at our informational picket.
It's time to stand with him.
I know money is tight, but surely we can give up a coffee or two.  Leo needs help to fight his legal battle for the right to run in the general election.
Please, please, please, consider sending a dollar, two dollars, or more if you can.  Put a man in the state house who has proven his dedication to us, to the ideal that this great state, that this great nation, is better with a strong middle class.

Canty 2012

Dear Friend,

I'm afraid I need to ask for your help again.

Court proceedings have started on Brandon McGee's attempt to overturn my primary election victory. Not much got done in court today, and we will reconvene next Wednesday to continue. We may need more time than that as well.

To ensure my campaign's, and my voter's, rights, I have had to retain legal counsel. My lead counsel has already made personal sacrifices to represent my campaign, and is a top flight elections attorney. But, he is spending substantial time on this case and must be properly compensated. A second attorney is helping as he can, but is unable to spend more time without compensation.

To pay for the legal expenses, I have opened a legal fund, as allowed by state elections regulations. I can accept contributions from individuals, in any amount. I cannot accept contributions from businesses, organization, political action committees or state contractors.

If you would like to help, please send a check made out to: Canty 2012 Legal Fund to Al Simon, 66 Wilton Road, Windsor CT 06095

Thank you for your continued support.


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