Monday, August 6, 2012

Understanding our contract, articles 17- 20

Article 17, Shift Cancellation

Sometimes the hospital will determine that census levels are such that all scheduled staff are not needed.  This article spells out the process for cancelling staff.
The hospital will call the primary telephone number you give them so it must be kept up to date.  If the hospital does not attempt to provide notice by a phone call then the employee will be assigned at least 4 hours work or payed for 4 hours work.  Shifts will be cancelled in the following order: overtime employees, volunteers, travelers, perdiem, above budgeted hours for week, bargaining unit employees on a rotating basis beginning with least senior.

Article 18, New Positions and Voluntary Transfers

All open bargaining unit positions will be posted and the hospital will select the most qualified candidate, seniority will control if two candidates are equally qualified.  After successfully voluntarily transferring to a new positron an employee cannot bid on another open position for six months.  To the extent possible, the hospital will keep the position left by the transferring employee open for 3 weeks to allow the employee to return if they rescind the transfer request.

Article 19, Assignment and Mandated Transfers

If the hospital determines that it must involuntarily transfer employees, it will first give the employees and the union 10 days notice.  Such transfers will not be for arbitrary or capricious reasons and they will not be used as a form of discipline.  If such a transfer is needed. the hospital will transfer the least senior qualified employee.

Article 20, Performance of Work

We follow "obey and grieve".  You are required to complete any assignment for which you have been trained and demonstrated competency to the best of your ability. If there is a dispute about the propriety of the assignment, you are instructed to perform it the best you can and then do two things.  First, as soon as feasible after completing the assignment, fill out a notice of objection, sign it and have the ordering supervisor sign it (these forms are being prepared and will be ready shortly), and second, speak to your delegate so that we can determine if a grievance is appropriate.

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