Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fr. Lecours

There has been much negative news about clergy and churches and much of it has been deserved. Abuse and cover up has occurred, leaving shattered victim's lives and a stain on organized religion. While none of this should be downplayed or forgotten, it's also important to remember that there are those religious men and women who have done the right thing, who have dedicated their lives to a greater good, who have followed the true tenets of their faith.

One such man is Fr. Lecours.
Fr. Lecours stands no more than 5 feet tall but he has a heart and a smile twice as big. He served for 30 years at St. Anne Church in Ballouville, CT. He knew every one of his parishioners by name. A few years ago the decision was made to close that church for economic reasons but the bishop told Father he could stay until he was ready to retire. True to his nature of putting others before himself, Father told the bishop that he did not want to be a burden to anyone and that if the church must close than it must close. St James Church in Danielson received the greatest gift with that decision because Fr. John O'Neil ask Fr Lecours to come to Danielson. The parishioners of St Anne followed Fr. Lecours, and St. James had to add on another Sunday mass to accommodate.

His smile lights up a room, his homilies speak of love, his gentleness makes us all better people.

Recently, Father had to stop saying mass on Sunday. He is retired now, living at and lighting up the halls of St. Joseph Living Center with his smile.
He was back at St. James this weekend, celebrating his 65th year of service as a priest.
Father, the people of St Anne and St. James, and all the people you have touched in your 65 years of serving God thank you and wish you the best. You are truly one of God's angles here on earth.

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