Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feet in the ocean

There's something about having my feet in the ocean that just seems right to me.  I often wonder if it's because scientists believe that life on Earth started in the sea, or maybe it's because like the ocean we are made up of mostly salt water, or maybe it's just because I have fond memories of times spent at the ocean.  Whatever it is, it just feels right.

Another thing about the ocean around here, it's cold!
Getting into the water can be a chilling experience at best.
It brings up the age old question, do you go slow, a step at a time, or do you go quick, get it over with.  There's something to be said about each way and it's also true in life.
Going slow, be it the cold ocean or events in life, allow us a chance to adapt, a chance to take it one step at a time.  That's great, as long as we don't get overwhelmed by the whole process and become unable to start.  Sometimes, the only way to go is to just jump in.  Sure it's shocking, but it's over quick and you aren't paralyzed by the enormity of the task.

The ocean restores the natural rhythm that is often missing from our hectic lives.  The tide come in and goes out, the waves roll in and break at the shore.   In our 24/7 lives our natural rhythm often gets lost, the ocean helps bring that back.

Whether your one to ease in slow or jump right in, it seems that we may have evolved from the oceans but we still keep one foot in.

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