Sunday, July 15, 2012

A lucky brother

Question:  What do a teacher, a principle, a project manager and a nurse have in common?
Answer:  A sister who lives in Vermont and needs help with repairs on her house.

My brother in law, Ira, passed away 4 years ago from cancer and since then my sister has been busy raising 4 children and her house was in need of repairs.
My youngest brother, Chris, decided we were the ones to do it, so he came up from Virginia on the train and met Joe, Mike and myself and off to Vermont we went for a 3 day working weekend. Mike's daughter, Ali, came along to assist.

After 3 very hot and humid days we left Mary's house in a little better shape than we found it.

My lower back, which I injured 2 days before the trip, is killing me, and my brothers are walking a little differently because of sore muscles, but it was still a good trip.
I think Mary benefited from both the repairs and the support.

It was a tough way to spend the weekend and I'm glad to be home, but I'm also glad I went.

It's what brothers do. 

I was going to try to explain that last statement, but I think that those who understand don't need an explanation and those who need an explanation won't understand.

Let's just say it's nice to be one of 6 siblings.
I'm a lucky brother.

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