Friday, July 27, 2012

AFT National Convention

The AFT National Convention is taking place this weekend in Detroit.  Members from all over the country meeting to both celebrate the past two years and to plan the next two.
The Backus Federation of Nurses was invited to the convention to share our organizing story.  We were represented today by our Vice President Michelle Hayes and our Political Liaison Carol Adams who both spoke before the Healthcare Division.  They told how nurses from throughout the hospital stood up against great odds, how they we joined by brothers and sisters from the other AFT CT locals, other labor unions, people of the community, politicians and clergy, all united behind one belief, one goal. That it is the right of the working class people of this country to stand together, to collectively bargain, and to improve their community and this great nation.
The report from Detroit is that Michelle and Carol represented us with pride, with class, and with elegance, but then again, we already knew they would.
Before Michelle and Carol spoke, AFT President Randi Weingarten gave her State of the Union speech.  In it, she spoke of the cooperation of AFT CT in New Haven, and across Connecticut, in the school reforms this past year.  Then she said, before the entire union:
"This work strengthened our credibility with Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy. And when the more than 400 nurses at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Conn., fought against a vicious union-busting campaign, Gov. Malloy stepped up and helped us secure that first contract."
We are a small independent Local, but we a part of something much bigger. We are in the business of improving the lives of our students, our patients, our communities, and the working men and women of this country.
We are lucky to be led by leaders like Randi, Michelle and Carol.
Randi's entire speech is at:

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