Friday, January 20, 2012

Backus employees know the truth

"We all know that the hard work of bargaining does not occur through commissioned polls, television ads or in the newspapers. We remain committed to good-faith negotiations at the bargaining table, not in the media" Backus Hospital spokesperson Shawn Mawhiney said in today's newspaper.
Oh really?
Then why did I just get word through a friend at the Norwich Bulletin  that one of their editors is writing an editorial denouncing our recent telephone survey as being not fact based and bias? Could it be because David Whitehead's last job was at the Bulletin?
Here is the truth.
Our poll was an independent poll by Benchmark Polling Group. The Benchmark Polling Group conducts independent, scientific polls. They are a unionized business. It is the labor community's policy to use unionized businesses whenever possible.
The poll showed what we nurses already knew.
1. Backus employees feel that they are not listened to by management.
2. Backus employees know that "Pay for Performance" is a sham, it does not judge job performance at all.
3. Backus employees are not happy with their current Health Insurance plan.
4. Backus employees have had pay and benefits cut while upper management has received 28% salary increases.
5. Backus patient's have felt the pain of decreased services and supplies in an effort to save money.

I don't know if the paper will run this editorial. If it does, remember this.....Backus employees know the truth.

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