Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blessings

I've been giving a lot of thought to this Christmas message post. Thinking about what Christmas means to me.  It's a special time of the year.  The birthday of Jesus, my savior.  God made man, coming into this world to give the ultimate sacrifice, himself. 

As great and important as all that is, I believe His real gift to us was in the way He lived His life.
Born in a manger, as a homeless person if you will.  His first visitors..... shepards, but also open to receiving kings.  He loved them all.  His mother, engaged but not married when she conceived, asked by God to bear His Son.  Her answer...... let it be.  His father, Joseph, a simple Jewish carpenter, visited by an angel, he stands by Mary and Jesus.  He teaches Jesus carpentry, religion, and love of man.

At age 30, following a calling, Jesus leaves the comfort and safety of his life in the carpenter shop to spend 3 years preaching God's love, knowing all the while it will mean His ultimate death.  He surrounds himself with fisherman, tax collectors, prostitutes.  He speaks of a Father who loves us and wants our love in return.  He does not judge others, he does not seek for others to serve Him.  He lives his life as an example.

He refuses to judge and stone the women caught in adultery, He praises the woman who gives her last few coins in the temple over the man who gives more but from his surplus, he washes the feet of his disciples.  Over and over he teaches in parables, his message is God and one another. 

Not everyone claims Him as the Messiah or their savior.
I think Jesus would be OK with that.  He never was about claiming the glory, He was about the message.
I think He would be OK with Santa Claus and our modern gift giving too.  Santa stands for bringing joy to the world, so did He.  Some people get upset about the materialism of Christmas, I understand that.  But when Jesus was asked about paying taxes to the Romans what did He say?
He asked who's head was on the Roman coin.  Cesar's they said.  He told them to give to Cesar what is Cesar's and to God what is God's.
When asked where His kingdom was He told them it was not of this world.

He doesn't care about money, doesn't care about materialism, He cares about our hearts and souls, He cares about our love for God and each other.
No, I don't think Jesus would be upset when Santa, or his helpers (parents and grandparents, etc), give gifts out of love, I think he would smile.  I think Jesus would make Santa one of His disciples.

Whatever your personal beliefs, whomever you Higher Power, I wish you love this Christmas and into the next year.


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