Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food drive

Last week the Backus Federation of Nurses and the United Way held a food drive in Norwich. We collected 1344 pounds of food for the United Way Gemma E Moran Food Center!
The people who worked the drive did a great job. They represented our hospital, our local, our union, wonderfully. They provided a great service to those who need some extra help right now.
I'll share 2 stories that they shared with me.

As people entered the store they were given a card that listed the food items most needed. One of the items was tuna. By the end of the drive there was no tuna left in the store!

One lady who stopped on her way in told us she would like to help but was just one step from needing the food center herself. Our members thanked her and wished her the best. On the way out she dropped a can of soup in our basket. She said she realized no matter how tough things get there are always people less fortunate and wanted to help. That's sacrifice!

There is work to do but there are many of us. I couldn't be there for this drive but it sounds like a very rewarding event.
It is not hard for me to imagine a family on hard times or someone who lost their home in this storm taking some small measure of comfort and sustenance from the food we collected at the Norwich stop and shop under a big Backus Federation of Nurses banner.
Good work team! I really look forward to my chance to be more directly involved in this kind of good work.

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