Saturday, July 30, 2011

Involved and United we are strong

Naomi, a friend who works in LDRP, was "turned in" by a coworker because as she came into work, and still in her street clothes, her tattoos were exposed. She was justifiably upset.
In our department we are reminded often, by email and in person, that we are not "allowed" to have our cell phones with us, even as we watch others on theirs.
What is going on here?
I don't get all the psychological reasons but there seems to be a need for management to keep us down and for us to keep each other down, maybe to make ourselves feel better.
August 3rd will be a historic day at Backus Hospital. For the first time in history, Registered Nurses will sit at a negotiations table with management as equals. Every nurse equal with each other and our collective voice equal with management.
Your bargaining committee has been working long and hard to produce a proposed contract. Now we will present it to management for their consideration. Wednesday is your chance to see it presented. We are asking all members possible to attend, Wednesday, August 3, 5:15-10:30 pm, Holiday Inn, Norwich. You can come for as much or as little of the negotiations as you wish or are able. You can arrived and leave at anytime.
Why? You may ask.
We want you to be involved and informed. Also, the more nurses sitting behind the committee, the more strength we will have.
We understand that some will be unable to attend. On Thursday, August 4, we will be in conference room 1 from 2-7pm to answer questions and hear concerns.
August 20 will be a joint Backus Federation of Nurses/United Way food drive at the Norwich Stop and Shop from 9am-2pm, it's a great opportunity to get involved in your union and community.
August 29 will be our second negotiation session.
The Backus Federation of Nurses is YOUR union It will be as strong as YOU make it.
Get involved.
No one person has to do all the work, but we all have a little part we can play to make our union strong. Management will do their best to divide us because that will weaken us.
Always, always, always, we must stand together, involved and united.

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