Sunday, June 26, 2011

To everything there is a season

One day this week I went outside at 9 pm and it was so light out that I could see across the yard.
I know, I know ...
I've experienced that every June of my life, but it still amazes me!
To think, the reason we have the seasons and a climate that sustains human life is because the earth revolves on an axis that is off kilter with the sun.
So often I search for order to my life, feeling that if only order existed, my life would be peaceful. But if perfect order existed, then the earth wouldn't be tilted, and life wouldn't exist at all.
Often in nursing, we wish for order. If the pharmacy would get the meds to us on time, if the doctors would agree with each other and especially with me, if the patients would be compliant; life would be good.
But order in nursing is a rare and fleeting thing. Situations and patients change from moment to moment, requiring constant reassessment and adjustment of plans. But that is what makes it interesting, that is what hooks us to nursing, what gives us the love/hate relationship we have to our profession.
We must also understand that sometimes we need a boring day, sometimes we need some downtime, because we cannot survive excitement and change all the time, any more than the earth could survive an endless summer.
So I guess the moral is to seek balance but to realize that balance and perfect order are not the same thing.
To everything thing there is a season.

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