Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big paws to fill

Our family dog passed away last week. His name was Dylan and he was 12 1/2. He was a combination black lab and Rottweiler. He was a good boy.
It's difficult.
I tried not to get too attached because he's not our first dog and I know how it hurts when they go. But, I failed.
He was my walking companion, my motivation to get out the door. He was guardian of our house and yard, protecting against all forms of cats and dogs. He loved people, I think he believed himself one. He was best friends to my grandchildren, especially Elijah, who is seven.
He came to our house as a puppy, a refugee when our son couldn't take him to a new apartment, and he moved into our hearts.
He had 12 good, healthy years before he started having problems. He went for his walk, very slowly, on his last day. He died in his home, peacefully, in his sleep.
Logic tells me that he was a dog and that dogs don't live forever but unfortunately logic doesn't play a  role in emotions. Love is love and healing will take time.
As nurses we see people every day who are experiencing loss, of health or life. In his last gift to me Dylan reminds me to treat them all with the greatest compassion.
My sister-in-law Marianne said it well, "Dylan has left big paws to fill."

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